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FoodStars Business Scale-Up Program for Food Entrepreneurs

The FoodStars Business Scale-Up Program is a cohort-based intensive six-week program designed specifically for food entrepreneurs to scale their food businesses. This program combines workshops, mentorship sessions, and a community of support to provide entrepreneurs with the tools, insights, and strategies needed to accelerate the growth of their food venture. The program ends in a final pitch event where finalists will present their businesses to potential investors and judges for the chance to win $1,000 in cash and other amazing prizes.

Program Highlights:

  • Workshops: Hands-on sessions to gain practical knowledge.
  • Mentorship: Guidance from industry experts.
  • Access to grants and funding
  • Access to connections and network of food entrepreneurs
  • Access to resources and community support. 

How to Register:

1. Click on the green 'Apply Now' button.

2. Fill in your personal and business details.

3. After submitting the form, wait to click the link to pay a $50 registration fee.


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Program Breakdown


Food Business Entrepreneurship Education: 

This curriculum includes 4 class- based sessions of proven established curricula for growth. This intensive curriculum includes how to position your food business for growth by learning to identify market opportunities and adapt to consumer trends. 

Digital Marketing and Brand Visibility

Implementation of effective digital marketing strategies to enhance your brand's presence online. You'll also gain insights into analyzing digital metrics and understanding consumer behavior. By the end of this course, you'll be equipped with the tools and knowledge to boost your brand's visibility and drive business growth in the digital landscape.

Innovative Food Product Development and Food Safety Regulations.

Explore ways to develop new food products and improve on your existing products. You'll learn about the entire product development process, and explore techniques for innovation in the food industry. We'll also cover essential food safety regulations and compliance requirements. By the end of this course, you'll be ready to develop safe, high-quality food products that stand out in the market.

Financial Management

This course will provide you with the fundamental principles and tools needed to manage an organization's finances effectively. By the end of this course, you'll have the knowledge and skills to optimize financial performance and contribute to the economic success of your business.

Demo Day

The program will culminate in a Demo Day event where finalists have the opportunity to pitch their business to a panel of industry experts and potential investors. This event is a stepping stone towards future opportunities.




                                                    Frequently asked questions


1. How long is the program going to last?

The FoodStars Business Scale-up Program is an intensive six-week program designed for food entrepreneurs seeking to scale their food business.


2. Who Should Register for the FoodStars Business Scale-up Program?

The FoodStars Business Scale-up Program is ideal for:

  • Food Entrepreneurs: Those looking to grow and scale their food-related business ventures.
  • Food Business Owners: Owners of food businesses seeking to improve their operations and expand their market reach.
  • Businesses that have been in operation for 1-2 years

If you fit any of these categories and are eager to take your food business to the next level, this program is for you!


3. Where is the location for this program?

The program will be held virtually with live sessions featuring food experts.


4. What is the $50 for?

The $50 is the application fee, to the Food Business Scale-up Program. The application would be reviewed and successful applicants would be contacted to enroll in the program. 





Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your food business! Register now and take the first step towards growth and success.


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